UBS’s third quarter net profit to drop to increase the cost of litigation provision

UBS’s third quarter net profit to drop to increase the cost of litigation for U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks Beijing 28 evening news Friday following the announcement of the third quarter net profit fell sharply after the Swiss bank group (UBS) to maintain the prospects of market estimates, and increased the mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) improper sales related litigation cost allowance. Fundamentals of macroeconomic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions continue to increase customer risk aversion, resulting in low trading volume. Negative interest rates and lower than expected interest rates still pose considerable resistance to performance, "the bank said on Friday." these conditions are unlikely to change in the foreseeable future." UBS also said that the implementation of the Swiss bank’s new capital standards and the proposed changes in the international banking regulatory framework, will lead to rising capital requirements and costs. UBS, the mortgage related litigation provision from the end of June of $988 million to $1 billion 410 million. UBS is the world’s largest Fortune Management Inc, as of the end of September third quarter net profit of 827 million Swiss francs ($832 million 700 thousand), far below the previous year’s 2 billion 100 million Swiss francs. The reason why such a large decline in net profit, net profit for the third quarter of last year’s tax benefit from a sum of 1 billion 300 million francs contribution. The whole quarter pretax profit rose 11% to 877 million Swiss francs, this is mainly due to the strong performance of the Swiss domestic market business and cost reduction measures. Sergio El Morty, chief executive officer at the end of 9, warned that political uncertainty and concerns about global economic growth, leading to the general downturn in the volume of transactions facing UBS Ermotti. UBS’s investment banking revenues did not rise as well as in the US, as UBS’s investment banking dominated the stock market, while the performance of Wall Street investment banks was mainly driven by bond trading. UBS’s strategy in the wake of the financial crisis has been well received, but the phenomenon is relatively weak. This strategy is to focus on the business needs of the lower demand for wealth management, while reducing the volatility of earnings is greater, and consume more capital investment banking and fixed income business. (end) editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章:

Oppo r9s confirmed 19 released the first SONY imx398- digital mia farrow

OPPO R9s confirmed that the 19 SONY IMX398- digital Sohu released on the first Zhongguancun online news: during the eleven day holiday, the new flagship mobile phone OPPO  R9s; advertising not only appeared in Hunan TV, is contracted to Beijing Wangfujing, Shanghai the Bund, Guangzhou waistline advertising, and said the main camera. Following the official confirmation of OPPO  OPPO; R9s phone is about to be released, Zhongguancun online yesterday also officially received an invitation to the conference. Invitation display, OPPO  R9s will be officially released in Shanghai in October 19th. OPPO  R9s invitation arrived Zhongguancun online OPPO    R9s; in addition to the traditional conference invitation invitation, SONY IMX398 sensor more concern     and the invitation is different, this time it turned out to be filled with an undisclosed SONY IMX398 sensor. According to previous exposure information, we have to know, in the new machine R9s OPPO will further strengthen the camera characteristics, from the gift — the invitation with the latest SONY IMX398 sensor, also confirmed this point. However, due to the IMX398 has not yet been announced, for its specific parameters we do not know. OPPO  R9s will debut with IMX  398? The sensor was the conference invitation, the sense of science and technology instant recharge 100%     according to previous exposure information, OPPO  R9s; 16 million pixel camera; according to the naming rules of SONY sensor, IMX398 should be an upgraded version of IMX298. From the manual measurement of the size, IMX398 is still 12.3 inches specifications, is currently one of the largest mobile phone image sensor. With friends broke the F1.7 aperture, I believe OPPO  R9s is still the main imaging quality of the camera phone. The conference will be held in Shanghai World Expo   creative show on the evening of October 19th at 19:30; OPPO  the R9s resorted to the SONY IMX398 sensor, is to create "OPPO law.". This is a OPPO PI original painting engine with SONY IMX398 sensor, how to touch what kind of spark, more worthy of our expectations.相关的主题文章:

Foreign Olympic Champion into Chery new car champion quality by overseas circle of friends favor – C super bass

Foreign Olympic champion new owner Chery champion quality "circle of friends" favored by overseas – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, Chery’s overseas car owners, the addition of several Iran Olympic athletes figure. Recently, Iran is located in the Chery MVM joint venture company, to the Rio Olympics Medal of the Iran players to Chery car, salute the Olympic athletes struggle and enterprising spirit of competition, to show the "China name card" social responsibility and good brand image. The picture shows the Chery MVM joint venture car ceremony site this is the first time the depth of Chery N to participate in overseas markets, economic and cultural construction and public welfare undertakings. As early as the London Olympics in 2012, Chery will support the Iran delegation to participate in the Olympic Games, and presented to the Chery car medalists, incentive for Olympic athletes. "Higher, farther, stronger Olympic spirit is not only the goal of competitive athletes, but also the national development and a strong spiritual connotation", deputy general manager of Chery MVM joint venture company Yan Jun said, Chery has always been committed to providing champion quality products and better quality of life vehicles for consumers, hope for the country of automobile industry development of building blocks, to create greater value. Get a car Iran athletes in an interview with local media, said the Chery MVM joint venture is currently the first concern in Iran to support the athletes of the automotive business, which allows athletes to be encouraged. As Chery owners, they are very satisfied with the quality of products and services provided by Chery. To obtain donated cars of the Iran Olympic games players told local media after years of marketing and localization strategy, Chery MVM joint venture company in Iran has become the first big foreign auto enterprises. High quality products, perfect sales and after-sales service network so that Chery has always been in the forefront of the market in Iran, won a good reputation in the market. From the early "go out" to sell products, now go into roots in the local market, and then to go to accelerate the construction of brand in the overseas market, Chery has a foothold into and made a series of achievements. As the first China sales exceeded 5 million passenger car companies, Chery total sales of 1 million 260 thousand cars are sold in the overseas market, has formed three major business areas in Iran, the Middle East, central and South America as the core, covering more than and 80 countries and regions worldwide, has 5 overseas companies, 10 CKD plant. In some overseas markets, the price of Chery products is close to joint venture brands, some products have even exceeded the joint venture brand price. The picture shows the Chery factory in Iran Mercedes Benz Chery cars around the world, representing the new level of "made in China", but also set up a new image of the Chinese brand. Chery is not only to bring the country to the quality of products, but also to bring the advanced technology, management system, through the establishment of factories in the local to solve the employment problem, to promote the development of local economic products localization. The process of local roots development, in-depth understanding of the local Chery brand concept and Chinese local customs and practices, the output of the local culture, enthusiastic to join the public welfare undertakings, the overseas "circle of friends" do bigger. In recent years, Chery has not only supported the Iran Olympic delegation to participate in the Olympic Games, sponsored chile.相关的主题文章:

Subversion through trip Tesla Model x challenge high altitude end auto – Sohu 519697

Subversion through trip Tesla Model X challenge high altitude end – Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] when the trailer I introduced the features of TeslaModel X, a tail when dumped a person will not high anti car, so today I came to do this sentence an explanation from the basin into the plateau, step by step to expose the car’s performance. Please click on the above "in the end if Tesla Model X high altitude travel trailer" as early as before Chinese heard four landscape beauty, majestic beauty of Xinjiang; long beauty Gansu; divine beauty and graceful coexistence in Qinghai surging. Sichuan polydactyly in Aba Prefecture in Sichuan province and Ganzi, the Tibetan Plateau, which is driving to the us. From Chengdu – Daocheng Aden a total of 900 km long electric car is the first time I. On these few days, and I will have some altitude sickness, I try to record one clear. The self driving route starting from Chengdu, Kangding – Daocheng – Shangri-La – Daocheng – Kangding – Chengdu, a lap down, we will pass the civil airport the most beautiful scenic area, the highest and the highest elevation of China county. What will happen this way? What will be encountered? I can only say that it is more than I expected, and I am trying to put these I think there is a very valuable point of memory records. Because the area can not enter the car, I take into account their physical reasons, and several small partners chose to give up. Aden in addition to the United States can be felt in the scenic area, the surrounding landscape is also able to kill all the human landscape. When we walk on the road to the sea of milk, we chose to record the most beautiful moments TeslaModel X, regardless of appearance or performance. This trip, completely subvert my views on electric vehicles. ============================ Trailer egg ==========================相关的主题文章:

MOZAT cut master rating to reduce target price cut to 6 yuan unfccc

MOZAT cut master rating to reduce target price cut to 6 yuan a thousand thousand shares hot column capital flows on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. JP Morgan released a report by the master (00322.HK) investment rating from "neutral" to "reduction", because the future of the company can effectively transform the product portfolio with little confidence, although the stock price this year was down 25%, but the worst case when the company will be in the past. The bank will also master the goal of lowering the price from 7.5 yuan to 6 yuan, equivalent to a year to predict future earnings ratio of 22 times. The master of management in the quoted analyst meeting, instant noodles business is difficult to recovery in the short run, the price of 4 yuan RMB products need 3 to 5 months to regain market share; in weak demand environment, the management is also not to rush to push the sale of new products. The bank decided to cut the master in the next two years respectively 44% and 30% core earnings forecast. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Female orgasm will be about fetal sex Sohu – lara fabian

Female orgasm will be about fetal sex? Sohu maternal factors influencing fetal sex since there are many, there are a lot of folk son remedies, these parties will not speak to the yangtze. At least in the moment, the problem is not the birth of boys and girls is not the main reason for the impact of family harmony, but for pregnant couples, or on the birth of the fetus sex curiosity, looking forward to the future baby. There is a saying that the female orgasm has influence on the sex of the fetus, is it true? A: or, really fake orgasm affects male or female? 1, a boy is easy to orgasm, according to legend, man? The sperm with the X chromosome and Y chromosome are different: sperm X the first large, large volume, activity ratio of sperm Y slow on acid tolerance and on cervical mucus penetration than sperm Y strong, long service life. Sperm Y head is small and round, the volume is smaller, faster than the sperm X movement, but the tolerance to acid and cervical mucus penetration is weak, life is short. As we all know, the combination of sperm and egg with X chromosome will give birth to a girl, the sperm with the Y chromosome will be combined with the egg. So, we have given Y sperm moving rapidly, but the characteristics of weak penetration and short life, to infer if women had an orgasm, can help weak penetration of Y sperm cervical mucus through better resistance to rendezvous with the "egg" victory, so that the "sexual climax to a boy" conclusion. The reason is easy to help orgasm Y sperm, when the vagina is acidic, X sperm is more likely to survive, when the vagina is alkaline, Y sperm more likely to survive. The proportion of Y sperm in semen is low, and the proportion of Y sperm in semen is high. Because the female through sexual intercourse is excited, produce intense pleasure to reach orgasm, the canal of the cervix of the uterus is secreted alkaline liquid, make acidity inside the vagina appears alkaline, be helpful for Y spermatozoon to grow. In this way, the vagina is acidic, when the female orgasm, due to the secretion of mucus produced by the cervix alkaline. That is to say, women feel more high climax degree, alkaline secretion of the Y sperm is more likely to survive. On the contrary, if a man before the woman has not reached orgasm, ejaculation, sperm will then contact vaginal semen in acid secretion, leading to a part of the Y sperm lost vitality, it may increase the chance of female fetuses. 2, male or female orgasm effects, although it sounds plausible, purely flicker? But orgasm affects boys and girls in science are still inconclusive. It is the credibility of how high? Can be seen from the above, make the conclusion, mainly based on two points: one is the difference with the X chromosome sperm and the sperm with the Y chromosome in size, shape, movement speed and life; two is through the climax of the change of pH is three; the pH of the vagina sperm survival effect. (1) on the X and Y sperm. Many people think that the sperm with the X chromosome longer survival in the acidic environment, and the sperm with the Y chromosome, because the genetic material carried less than X chromosomes (Y chromosome.相关的主题文章:

Bocom International for the first time to cover the global medical and buy rating gamelink

Bocom International: the first covering global medical and financial App: buy Sina live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Li Bo: a phoenix: a neglected medical industry leader; for the first time to cover the buy rating, target price of 10.64 HK     a phoenix: time and again come out. We believe that cooperation with the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University can be regarded as a landmark event in the global medical business transformation, the company is expected to build partnerships with more hospitals. In view of this, investors should re-examine the valuation of the company. In the way of cooperation, will obtain the following benefits: global medical (I) franchise development and operation of global medical service fee: a wholly owned item company has the right to charge a service fee to the construction and operation of the annual international inland port hospital;   (II) dividend management company: Global Health will be in accordance with its stake from management operators get bonus. The management company established after the completion of the First Affiliated Hospital to gradually take over the supply chain business. We expect management operations will be set up before November this year, after which the company will make a profit contribution. The future potential is expected to inject: the company in June and September this year were the same in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (Zheng Daer hospital), First Hospital of Handan City, signed a cooperation framework. We expect the future with global medical First Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Zheng Daer and Handan to establish relations of cooperation, will bring the supply chain business income for the company. The valuation change: the standard of medical service enterprises listed in Hongkong. The standard of medical service company listed on the Hong Kong stock valuation, the current global medical price earnings ratio is significantly lower. The company announced that same Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital of cooperation before the market capitalization of about HK $9 billion 780 million in August 30th. According to the calculation of yesterday’s closing price of HK $6.32, the market value of the company for $10 billion 850 million. In other words, the above 1 billion 70 million Hong Kong dollar market capitalization growth for the current market valuation of its new hospital management business. According to our earnings management sector in 2017 of its expected earnings, the valuation of the corresponding hospital management sector in 2017 was only 4.1 times earnings.   we are optimistic about the company’s future transformation. In view of   (I)   the major shareholder of the dominant position; (II)   more hospital cooperation expected (III);   integration effect: the traditional business and hospital management business combination, complement each other, for the company after the transformation into a comprehensive medical services foundation;   and (IV)   the advantages of the company in terms of financing, we have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the company’s transformation, and the theory of相关的主题文章:

How can you drive a car without an adaptive cruise – Sohu car 4000dy

How can you drive a car without an adaptive cruise? Sohu – Sohu automobile headlamp [car] in a traffic jam when you will not because of frequent pedal the brake and accelerator impatient? In the high speed because you have old on the pedal feel feet legs numb? Because you have with the car too close to almost rear end? Today, ACC adaptive cruise control system is no longer mysterious, above all those problems can be settled once and for all, the complete liberation of the driver’s feet. So how does this guy do it? You will get the answer through the following article. More adaptive cruise control system, we must first understand the cruise control system of its predecessors. Now the automobile cruise control system configuration, a high degree of popularity, as long as the speed exceeds the set speed, the system can start the car, according to the changes of driving resistance, opening intelligent throttle, ensure the vehicle has remained relatively constant speed, so that drivers in long distance running, don’t need to use right moments. Stepping on the accelerator, greatly easing the driving fatigue. But the cruise also has a significant disadvantage, that can only provide a relatively constant driving speed, lack of adaptability to the environment. When the vehicle on the highway can cope with, but in the actual road road is the myriads of changes, will encounter a lot of accident that you have to cancel your speed. For example, when the vehicle suddenly slowed down in front of the vehicle in the city, the terrain is relatively complex on the road. In these times, cruise almost lost the role, resulting in the actual utilization rate is very low, so the adaptive cruise control system came into being. Adaptive cruise control (Adaptive Cruise Control) is a cruise for speed control based on the further implementation of the distance control. It integrates vehicle camera, radar and ultrasonic system, through the ACC control unit and ABS system, the engine control system of coordinated action, make appropriate brake wheel, and the output power of the engine down to make the vehicle in front of the vehicle and keep the safety distance, can let the car drivers respond more quickly than. Simply cruise only one thing, that is to achieve the preset speed driver, and in addition to the preset speed adaptive cruise control, it also has to keep a distance with the car and the car with the preset distance change task automatic acceleration and deceleration. In a sense, if you want to achieve intelligent car autopilot, this system is essential. The history of adaptive cruise system can be traced back to the 70s. In 1971, the United States EATON company has been engaged in the development of this area. The prototype is the Mitsubishi Co of Japan proposed PDC (Preview Distance Control) system, it integrates radar and other processors together, can detect vehicle distance changes, and issued a warning to the driver, the system can also control the solar term door opening adjustment of engine power. But it was not until 1995 that the technology was first adopted in MITSUBISHI’s flagship luxury sedan Diamante. Since then, TOYOTA, Honda, GM, Ford, daimler,.相关的主题文章:

Quiet appreciation of music SONY 100abn experience – Sohu Technology matlab 等高线?

Quiet appreciation of music SONY 100ABN experience – Sohu technology, although the music is not a battlefield for young people, but the main force to play HIFI and reservists are students and young people just entering the community. And in the eyes of many young people, the headset is not just a simple tool to listen to music, it can also act as a personalized accessories. Of course, SONY will not let this opportunity submissively, and in 2015 launched a series of h.ear products. H.ear series of products with its excellent design, bold color, won the favor of some young users. Written before the other h.ear products such as h.ear on, h.ear go, h.ear in Wieless, the design of the appearance of these products have the same elements, is stylish appearance and superior sound to attract young users to buy. SONY h.ear on NC is a SONY headset h.ear on wireless noise reduction version of the Wieless. Wireless connection is Bluetooth, and noise reduction is digital noise reduction. There are several different ways of working behind, you can see that the noise can be wireless and wired circumstances can be used. The wireless transmission can be used SBC AAC apt-X LDAC encoding is also very complete. As for noise reduction, the use of a dual microphone to collect noise for better noise reduction. The following is also a hint of the effect of noise reduction, high frequency sound vibration is not obvious, such as voice. The principle of active noise reduction technology is through the sensor (usually a microphone) to pick up the noise information through the waves to generate a reverse phase wave noise offset each other. Because of the principle of active noise reduction, so active noise reduction will have a certain impact on our sound, how to compensate for the loss of the frequency of the music will be back problem of active noise reduction headset products, one of which is a lot of people on the active noise reduction product not good sound quality. Of course, SONY 10 years ago in the NW-S700 series to take the initiative to reduce noise at this time it looks quite black technology into WALKMAN products. In addition to the simple instructions, quick use guide, portable package, the rest is the headphone cable, USB charging line (and other audio products like SONY is not long), headphone body. H.ear on Wieless NC model is called MDR-100ABN, the following on the type of address. If you read the MDR-100AAP I have written before the MDR-100AAP friend must be able to see it, this MDR-100ABN than the headset unit part of a thick. This is because the MDR-100ABN needs the noise reduction module and the wireless module circuit and the battery, and also needs the key space. This becomes a little more than the previous MDR-100AAP. This is also the most simple black h.ear on series headphones, but also I think相关的主题文章:

Fake marriage to buy a house how to block the expert proposal to limit the purchase within six month zngay

Fake marriage to buy a house how to block: experts recommend limiting the purchase of six months of divorce data. China News Agency reporter Wei Liang photo "false marriage" housing experts suggest how to block divorce within half a year to limit the purchase of Beijing, Beijing, September 13 (Zhong Qing) "Shanghai rumors of the purchase of the property market will upgrade" has been the rumor, but the "divorce" has not subsided. Rely on fake marriage cheat qualification and loan loans, in the purchase market is now not a secret. How to block the fake marriage, fake divorce launched the cheat room behavior has become a problem to be solved in the purchase of the city. Insiders suggested that the strengthening of information Unicom, while the divorce should be limited to six months of housing investment behavior, the couple divorced, the number of houses to be verified, and then analyze whether there is a possibility of drilling holes. "False marriage" buy stalls things working in Beijing taxi driver master Li hang up a phone, sighing side and reporters chatted about their own experiences. Master Li is Beijing, divorced for four or five years, to help a female friends do not have qualified buyers to buy a house in Beijing, and she received a marriage certificate, "just want to help, you are single. And no economic losses agreed, agreed to the purchase formalities of divorce". It is understood that the master Li did not expect to be friends for the daughter to buy real estate, but became a gambling stake in the son-in-law. "Just call the phone is a friend, very anxious, that is the son-in-law take this suite in the bank mortgage, now bet money is not on the loan does not say, the house will be required to sell the bank, let them move out." This really makes Master Lee caught off guard, certainly can not be divorced in accordance with the original plan, how long it will not be able to drag. Since 2011, Beijing issued the regulation of real estate policy, non Beijing family only for 5 years to pay tax or social security, in order to buy a house in beijing. And this, stuck a lot to buy a house in Beijing, non Beijing family. Married, and then divorced can be married to buy a house alone? To master Li purchase policy as an example, the couple to buy a house, the house on the "name" will have three ways: the man and woman, both sides. A real estate agency staff told reporters that the "false marriage", but no qualified buyers funded the purchase of a party, you can get the real name of the own; even if there is no single room, if at the time of divorce consultation between the two sides will housing ownership investor, also can reach the purpose of the purchase in beijing. Data chart. China News Agency reporter Zhang Hengwei photo "divorce" hit Shanghai purchase rumors into the fuse I do not know when, the house can be used not only as a "matchmaker" can do "mistress", in order to purchase it, sell a piece of paper, get qualified buyers and loans with "false marriage" preferential. Shanghai recently suffered a wave of divorce". In August 26th, a Shanghai in September will be overweight restriction rumors spread like wildfire, followed by the relevant departments of the rumor that "no such policy". Unexpectedly, from the rumors appeared to clarify just three days, the Shanghai property market set off a climax". According to media reports, the first Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai Usher相关的主题文章:

The price of gold fell on Wednesday 0.4% markets continue to focus on the interest rate outlook 捷安特xtc750

The price of gold fell on Wednesday 0.4% markets continue to pay attention to interest rate prospects for U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 8 am Beijing time, affected by the strong dollar, gold futures prices fell on Wednesday. Gold prices yesterday hit a 3 week closing high, because the market is low the Fed rate hike expectations of radical. The debate over the prospect of interest rates continues as data from different sources and Fed officials continue to speak. Late Tuesday, San Francisco Fed President John – Williams (John Williams) published a position of hawkish speech. New York Mercantile Exchange, December delivery of gold futures prices fell $4.80, or 0.4%, to close at $1349.20 an ounce. Tuesday, gold closed at $1354 an ounce, the highest closing price since August 18th. Silver futures for December delivery fell 29 cents, or $19.848, to $1.4% an ounce. Silver futures rose 4% yesterday to close at $20.138 an ounce, the highest closing price since August 10th. ICE dollar index rose about 0.2% on Wednesday, so that the price of gold and other commodity futures prices lower. But on Tuesday, the dollar fell sharply, after a data show that the U.S. service sector index fell to the lowest level in more than 6 years. The data makes it possible to speculate that the Fed may give up interest rates in September. Data released on Wednesday showed that the number of jobs in the United States in July amounted to 5 million 870 thousand, a record high. Shortly after the closing of the gold deal on Wednesday, the Fed released a report reflecting the economic situation of the beige book. The report said that by the end of August "the slow pace of economic growth in the United states". The Fed has been focusing on economic data to decide when to raise interest rates. If the Fed is slow, it is favorable for gold, because gold does not provide interest income, so in a low interest rate environment, the greater the attractiveness. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will be held on September 20-21 meeting of the next meeting. Editor: SF065 Zhangjun相关的主题文章:

Sun Hongbin created a transaction with a history of a river

SUNAC Sun Hongbin with a transaction over a river past hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sun Hongbin used a transaction over a past Li Wei Cai Yin Luo Tao arena Haruki Murakami said: "in the long run, if there is what must beat, that is their own past." As one of the important China real estate figures by Sun Hongbin, Sunco and financial record companies in the industry all-powerful 20 years, ups and downs, you can hardly find him compared to a horizontal or vertical direction in the industry, Sun Hongbin has been doing, is trying to go beyond their own past. September 18th evening, SUNAC Chinese and Lenovo holdings jointly announced that the proposed acquisition of financial innovation Lenovo holdings stake 41 Target Corp and creditor’s rights, the Target Corp has 42 main property rights, the total price of about 13 billion 790 million yuan. The industry in an uproar, Liu Chuanzhi and Sun Hongbin’s story out of a lot of conjecture, both sides of the future have a clear footnote, Lenovo holdings transfer of real estate business buyers into a financial record, more dramatic story. The new Lenovo news for Sun Hongbin, the rich buy resume, this is a very traditional industry acquisitions. The reason for the acquisition of Lenovo’s project, SUNAC said in its announcement: "through this transaction will further strengthen the regional distribution of the group’s financial record, expand the SUNAC group in the core city of a second tier of land reserves and market share." At the same time, will also be able to enter Daqing, Yantai, Dalian, Jingdezhen, Kunming, and other cities. There is no doubt that the sun’s financial record empire will take the opportunity to further expand, overtaking the rapid expansion of the financial innovation strategy process will write a thick and heavy in colours. The origin of the association between Sun Hongbin and Lenovo, but also so that the story is doomed to have a legendary acquisition. The origin of Sun Hongbin and lenovo. According to reports, the last century at the beginning of 90s, Lenovo, in the family group and Sun Hongbin three party co founded the Tianjin branch of the association of Real Estate Development Company Limited, is the prototype of the Chinese sunco. In 1998, Lenovo and the group of companies to withdraw from, the company officially changed its name to Tianjin Shun Chi Investment Co., ltd.. About the association between Sun Hongbin and the head of Liu Chuanzhi and the intersection of grievances, will also become a classic case of China specific business environment, let people to reflect on the era of enterprise environment and figure fortune. Don’t read the past. Not in the future, more than and 20 years later, Sun Hongbin and Liu Chuanzhi cooperation, financial innovation and Raycom acquisition events talk time is not long, but on相关的主题文章: